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Bread and Honey Festival

  • 335 Church Street mississauga (map)

The Streetsville Founders' Bread and Honey Festival is the largest and longest running festival in Mississauga and second only to the CNE in all of Ontario!

Streetsville was settled in the spring of 1819, on completion of a survey by Timothy Street and Richard Bristol. The first settlers were a farming family called the Glendinnings, who settled land along the Mullet Creek. Timothy Street acquired 1,000 acres here and proceeded to establish industries vital to a pioneer community. The village was named Streetsville by 1824.

The backbone of Streetsville's importance was its five major mill sites along a three-mile stretch of the fast-flowing Credit River. By 1850, it was the "Queen of the County".

Streetsville was incorporated as a village in 1858, with John Street as the first Reeve. In 1962, Streetsville gained the status of a town, with a population of 5,000. The first Mayor was Frank Dowling.

In 1974, Streetsville became a part of the city of Mississauga due to regional government. Since that time, Streetsville's community comes together every June to celebrate the founding of the village with the Streetsville Founders' Bread & Honey.