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Terry Green @ COALITION

  • 282 Augusta Avenue Toronto, ON, M5T 2L9 Canada (map)

"It is night now, no longer evening but fully night, as in "black as", if not precisely "dead of". Evening usually has the afternoon hanging on its coattails, has actual flecks of daylight clinging like lint to its lapels, but night is solitary, aloof, uncompromised, extreme. The safe margins of the day, still faintly visible during eventide, have been erased by night's dense gum, obscured by its wash of squid squirtings, pajama sauce and the blue honey manufactured by moths. Is the night a mask, or is day merely night's prim disguise? Most of us are born in the night, and by night most will die. Night, when tangos play on the nurse's radio and rat poison sings its own hot song behind the cellar door. Night, when the long snake feeds, when the black sedan cruises the pleasure districts, when neon flickers "Free At Last" in a dozen different languages, and shapes left over from childhood move furtively behind the moon-dizzy boughs of the fir. It is the night of the worst day of your life. Have things gotten any better?"

TAKE ONE CAR (Poughkeepsie NY)
*post-hardcore/spoken word*

TERRY GREEN (Mississauga ON)
*screamo/math rock*

GIVING UP (Toronto ON)
*hardcore/blackened punk, first show with new line-up*


$10 at the door


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